Integration with PartyDeco

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We prepared a new and improved version of integration files.
Information about files XLSX CSV XML

Dear Customers!

PartyDeco gives you a new possibility of selling products which you do not actually have physically in stock!

Thanks to integrated files you have a possibility to integrate your internet shops fully with a PartyDeco offer. All new products will be immediately visible in your products’ range. Additionally, all the existing integrated products obtain this possibility of automatic synchronization availability in accordance with PartyDeco stocks. This functionality allows you to offer products from PartyDeco stocks and automatically withdraw them in case of stock shortages.

It allows you to have thousands of products in your offer which you order from PartyDeco after the products will be ordered by your customer. Lots of our already customers uses this option.

Integration is implemented by giving access to files with XLSX, XML or CSV format data. The files are generated every 24 hours (about 4:00). The files have static network address.

Files content:

Due to technical reasons, a list of products available within offer was divided into a few small-size files. Each file comprises up to 500 products offered by our shop. The list of products concerns the whole offer available on, the products are sorted according to their codes. Each product is described by the following attributes:

  1. Link to photo 1
  2. Link to photo 2 *
  3. Link to photo 3 *
  4. Product’s stock code
  5. Category of a product
  6. Product’s catalogue name
  7. Net price
  8. VAT amount
  9. Gross price
  10. Current availability (stock)
  11. Catalogue description of a product
  12. EAN code

*NOTICE: When a product consists of fewer than 3 photos, the remaining fields with photo links will be empty.

The possibility of files‘ import depends on the customer’s system. In some cases, it is necessary to customize the sale user system to import the shared files. However, in most of the situations, the user has the possibility to import the external files and it is only necessary to design a process automation module. The customer does the operation themselves.

In order to save files you must use the option "Save as..." clicking on the right button of the computer mouse.

You are welcome to use our new functionality.


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