Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are durable, high quality, professional decorations that will help you create spectacular arrangements. They can be used to create balloon walls and organic garlands – one of the most fashionable decorations this season!...

At PartyDeco, we offer a wide range of rubber balloons available in various shapes and sizes. We also offer many different colours, from classic hues through fashionable pastels to balloons with a glossy effect. Our offering also includes sustainable eco balloons made of natural latex. Our products are designed for professional decorators and anyone who loves to throw beautiful parties!

Decorative latex balloons will be a wonderful decoration for any occasion. Helium balloons are a hit with the kids, which is why they will be an excellent choice as decorations for birthday parties and events of various types. Themed printed latex balloons will be a great addition to arrangements prepared for Valentine’s Day, Halloween and even a wedding.

To make it easy for our customers to choose the most suitable latex balloons, we have decided to introduce colour sets! This way, picking balloons with a suitable colour palette will be quick and easy. We will help you decide what balloons to pick for boho, vintage and other arrangements.