Cake fountains, gold, 12 cm

Cake fountains in gold colour with red pattern of stars, height approx. 12 cm. The product is labelled only in French, German, Italian, Czech and Polish. If you are introducing the product on the market in a country which none of these languages is the official language, you confirm, by purchasing the product, that you accept the obligation to label the product in the official language of the country in which you make the pyrotechnic article available.
(1 pkt / 4 pc.)
1 pkt / 4 pc.
Symbol:   FT1-12-4
1 ctn / 160 pkt
1 pkt / 4 pc.
Symbol:   FT1-12-4-KARTON
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When arranging a birthday, wedding, bachelorette party or Valentine's Day, it is worth taking care of the unique accessories that will make our ceremony even more special.

Among the most important elements of each event, cake decorations must not be missing.

A beautiful decorative accent will certainly be a cake fountain, which not only will wonderfully decorate the cake, but will delight all guests.

Burning time of 12 cm fountains approx. 40 seconds.

We recommend other accessories for cakes, cakes and muffins from our offer.

Thanks to them our candy bar will look great and will be remembered for a long time by guests.

On the fountains are warnings in German, French, Czech, Italian and Polish.