Cupcake toppers - Cars, 12 cm

Cupcake toppers Cars, mix of colours and designs, height approx. 12 cm.
(1 pkt / 4 pc.)
1 pkt / 4 pc.
Symbol:   KPM34
1 ctn / 40 pkt
1 pkt / 4 pc.
Symbol:   KPM34-KARTON
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We're throwing a party for a little champion! What to suggest to parents preparing a themed birthday for their child? Decorations that will transport them straight to the race track.


Our cupcake decoration set with motifs reminiscent of a car race is an original element of party decor. Combined with thematic paper plates, cups, and napkins, it will create an effect that will enchant every boy or girl. And that's what matters most. With such a decorated table, all the treats will disappear at an astonishing speed.


• The set includes 4 toppers in different designs.

• Product height approximately 12 cm.

• Product designed for multiple use following the reuse philosophy.


In the Racing Car collection, champion decorations are waiting for you. Not only tableware but also balloons, banners, and birthday gadgets with motifs of cars and a racing checkered flag. With this set, everyone will feel like a decorator champion, not just a professional. Children will be thrilled, and adults will be happy that decorating a boy's or girl's birthday can be so simple and impressive.


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