Foil balloon Pterodactyl,120x62 cm, mix

Foil balloon Pterodactyl, mix of colours, size before inflation approx. 120 x 62 cm (47 x 24''), size after inflation approx. 115 x 53 cm (45 x 20.5''). Inflate with air and helium. Set contains a straw.
1 pkt / 1 pc.
Symbol:   FB180
1 ctn / 50 pc.
Symbol:   FB180-KARTON
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It's time for a new era of decorations! The Pterodactyl foil balloon is not just a decoration; it's a way to turn a child's birthday into a real adventure. Children, especially boys, are crazy about dinosaurs! The Pterodactyl balloon, combined with other decorations from the Dino Fun collection, will help create unforgettable themed birthdays for them! The Earthy Jungle color scheme is subdued and kid-friendly, beautifully complementing natural plants. Our Pterodactyl will fit perfectly at parties, birthdays in a rented hall, at home, in the garden, or any other outdoor party.


• Pterodactyl foil balloon for helium or air inflation.

• Features handles for easy suspension.

• The set includes a straw for easy self-inflation.

• Dimensions before inflation approx. 120 x 62 cm (47 x 24'').

• Dimensions after inflation approx. 115 x 53 cm (45 x 20.5'').

• Product designed for multiple uses following the reuse philosophy.


The Pterodactyl foil balloon is a decoration created for a child's themed birthday. The dinosaur theme is incredibly popular and allows for preparing a colorful, joyful, and trendy party that children will never forget. In the PartyDeco offer, there are not only balloons but also table decorations and birthday accessories with a dinosaur theme. This ready-made set of decorations will allow parents and decorators to prepare an amazing themed party for children in an easy and enjoyable way. A dinosaur-shaped balloon is also an original idea for a child's gift.


The foil balloon can be successfully inflated with helium or air. Thanks to the handles, after inflating with air, it can be easily suspended. This innovative solution allows saving resources and money while letting your customers have a beautiful, economical, and eco-friendly celebration!