Foil balloon Gamepad, 75x52 cm, mix

Foil balloon Gamepad in black colour with colourful print and inscription ''Level up Birthday, size before inflation approx. 72 x 52 cm (28 x 20.5''), size after inflation approx. 60 x 45 cm (25.5 x 18''). Inflate with air and helium. Set contains a straw.
1 pkt / 1 pc.
Symbol:   FB225
1 ctn / 50 pc.
Symbol:   FB225-KARTON
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Take your offer to the next level! The Happy Birthday foil balloon in the shape of a game controller is something all gamers have been waiting for. This thematic decoration was created with gamers, geeks, and video game enthusiasts in mind. We've specially designed the Game Controller balloon for arranging themed birthdays in the style of a gaming party. The thematic balloon is also an interesting and fun gift idea for a gamer. After all, the slogan "Level Up Birthday" is perfect for the main theme of a game party.


• Foil Level Up Birthday Game Controller balloon for helium or air filling.

• It has hangers for easy hanging.

• The set includes a straw for self-inflation.

• Dimensions before inflation approximately 72 x 52 cm (28 x 20.5'').

• Dimensions after inflation approximately 60 x 45 cm (25.5 x 18'').

• A product designed for multiple uses following the reuse philosophy.


How many of your customers enjoy gaming? We know that many do. Just for them, we've created decorations for a party that will help prepare the best-themed birthday for a video game fan. It's the perfect theme for a child's birthday but also for an older gamer. Using the remaining decorations from the Game collection makes arranging a themed party easy, and the effects are spectacular. That's why customers eagerly reach for ready-made decoration sets.


The foil balloon can be successfully filled with helium or air. Thanks to the handles, after inflation with air, it can be easily hung. This innovative solution allows for resource conservation, and your customers will have a beautiful and eco-friendly celebration!


Discover the entire Game party collection and prepare decorations for all game fans, both the youngest and the older ones too.

Because you never outgrow games!