Car decoration kit - Mąż Żona, light pink

Car decorations kit, set contains: light pink banner Mąż Żona (length approx. 110 cm, height approx. 15 cm, do it yourself product), 4 light pink bows for door-handle (width approx. 15.5 cm, height approx. 57 cm), light pink bow with gold cans (size of a bow: width approx. 15.5 cm, length approx. 57 cm, cans - 5 pcs), suction cups (6 pcs) and fishing line (approx. 12 m).
1 pkt / 1 pc.
Symbol:   ZDS6-081J
1 ctn / 14 pkt
Symbol:   ZDS6-081J-KARTON
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